U.S. Peace Corps World Wise Schools Program

For 2016-2017, the Harmon French Class will be working on Digital Mapping with PCV Jake Myers in Benin, West Africa. Benin is a Francophone country and we will be corresponding with Mr. Myers' students en français as well as helping to support his evironmental projects. Here is a copy of his introductory email.

Please check out his links to see the work that he is doing- and the sort of work that we will join him in.

Hello Paul,

I came across your request in the Peace Corps' World Wise School Program and I would love to collaborate with you and your students.

I am an environmental Peace Corps volunteer serving in the northern half of Benin (will complete my service in September 2017). My primary projects concern food security, malaria prevention, and girl's empowerment among a few others. I have started to use mapping as a way to better plan my projects, and to also use it as a powerful educational tool. If you want to learn more about the type of work I am involved in, you can check out my blog (though I largely use my blog as a way to show others what life in Benin is like). http://jakemeyerspeacecorpsbenin.blogspot.com/

I have recently created a basic map of my village using Open Street Maps. This upcoming school year I was planning on having a club of students help me map our community. I would love to involve students from the states, who can map different objects online, which then can be confirmed by students from Benin on the ground. You and I could then both facilitate a discussion on cross cultural exchange and include topics of language, geography, and culture among others. I have been playing around with the idea of story telling with maps, and you can check out a sample of what this type of discussion could look like: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=3fc9bb4d086748239b334630bfbb7d42

I have many other ideas and uses for mapping, and I think including middle school students in the process is a fantastic idea. Let me know if you would like to collaborate and we can further discuss ideas. I have pretty regular access to internet so communication should not be a problem.

Jake Meyers


Mapping Slide Show for PCV's (Peace Corps Volunteers)

Open Source Mapping Peace Corps Promo Video

Power of Mapping on Perceptions... dramatization from old West Wing TV series

This is the 2nd Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin that Harmon students have had the privilege of working with. In the past Harmon students have also worked with PCV's in Francophone Madagascar and Haïti.